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  1. Hello, This is Kim Kyunghee Kim, a metal writer who I met in Insadong yesterday. Thank you for seeing my work well and visiting again.I participated in 7 individual exhibitions and 200 domestic and foreign group exhibitionsI was invited to Chicago Sofa Fair three times and now I am introducing my work in the U.S., China and Korea. It’s great to see the gallery on your website. Your paper series was very interestingI would like to work with your gallery. Please offer to participate in other forms, such as a planning exhibition.I hope I have a chance to show you some work other than what my website shows me. I am on a trip to Spain and will be back at the end of May. I want to keep in touch.

    • Sorry for this late answer. Can you please send me your e-mailadress so I can contact you via my
      adress. I do not use this contact page anymore.
      Ellen Gerritse

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